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Kalemat - A New Spray perfume with a very spicy, distinguished and long lasting aroma. Its presented in a bookcase gift book.

Al Hamra - This elegant blend captures an alluring scent of apple blossom. Gently sweet with a touch of musk, this is an irresistible fragrance that is both sensual and sophisticated.

Arabian Oud Woody - true to its name, this fragrance is rich in oud with warm notes of sandalwood, amber & saffron. Woody has a fresh deep and very vibrant smell that is long lasting and refreshing. It has this wonderfully pungent, sharp and mouth-wateringly delicious oud note which dominates the fragrance.
Alif Laila (Thousand Nights) - A peachy fragrance that defines warmth and softness well balanced with an escape of musk and aloe vera

Lara - This soft fragrance blends the sparkling notes of pineapple blossom and peach, whilst evoking a calm nature through its sweet vanilla base.

Madame Deluxia - Beautifully soft and light with a hint of sophistication. Vanilla, violet and rose together help create a lavish feminine scent.

Monsieur Deluxia - Charming and mildly masculine, this aroma is an awakening to the senses. Blending lemon and lavender to create a modest fresh cologne.

Oud Muattak Spray - A definitive woody scent with matured Indian oud

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Body Oil
One of our local products. This local body oil delivers our premium fragrances in intense and long-lasting bursts. Great value for money.